Patrick Henry Middle School Celebrates Random Acts Of Kindness Week

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Kids are doing their part during to give back during Valentine's Week at a Sioux Falls middle school where students are performing random acts of kindness.

Patrick Henry Middle School celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Week each year. But this year, students and teachers are linking up to do something a little different.

"We have been wanting to do a friendship chain, and then when kindness week came along, we thought that would be a really cool visual, to show how kind is our school," counselor Margi Orris said.

The process is fairly simple allowing both teachers and students to participate.

"If you see someone doing a random act of kindness or just see someone being kind to someone else, you write down what they did and who did it and then you write down your name and then at the end of the week, they're going to look and see what their favorite act of kindness was," student Olivia Shroyer said.

The winners may get free pizza, but Olivia thinks the true reward is the impact you leave on others. 

"We're kind of doing this because it's always good to be kind 'cause you never know what someone is going through. One single act of kindness can make their whole day bright," Olivia said.

Orris believes this activity helps bring students together that may not have interacted otherwise.

"A girl recognized one of the boys in her class for taking down all the chairs and pushing them in underneath the tables without being asked," Orris said.

Each of these links is proof that those random acts of kindness aren't going unnoticed. 

This is also dress up days this week.  Wednesday is dress as your favorite meme and Thursday is dress up in neon.

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