New Security Measures At Sioux Falls Schools

The 2018-2019 school year is officially underway.  And, there are new rules for anyone who wants to enter a Sioux Falls School. 

Anytime you enter a Sioux Falls School you need to bring a driver's license or a government issued ID. 

You may be wondering why you need it. Every school now has a machine that your card in and it reads the barcode and quickly does a background check.  It quickly checks 10 criminal databases.

In addition to your criminal record it will check to divorce records and even custody papers.  

Another change - at some schools you may also need to give an office worker your keys. They'll hold onto them while you are in the school.   

If you pass the check, another machine will print out a temporary ID.  When you turn it in you will get your identification back, along with your keys. 

If you do not pass your background check, administrators will decide what to do. 

Can parents expect more changes in the future? That depends.  If the bond vote passes next month, it includes millions of dollars in additional updates.  The plan includes new entrances at a couple of elementary schools, along with improvements at all three high schools. 

You can absentee vote at the Instructional Planning Center.  The election is September 18. 


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