Strider Bikes, based out of Rapid City, provides bikes for beginners and promotes riding at a young age. KELOLAND’s Whitney Fowkes takes a look at a company in Mitchell supporting their cause.

Klock Werks specializes in motorcycles, but Thursday they are dropping off Strider bikes to Mitchell Public Schools. Jennifer and Alan Bainbridge became involved with the Strider Education Foundation to make that donation possible.

“We’ve both been kind of emotional over the whole ordeal because it’s just such a great gift. Every kid should know how to use a bicycle it’s just something that we all had fun with as kids and to be able to share that with that many students now. I was like yeah if we can do it, let’s go for it,” Jennifer Bainbridge said.

Three PE teachers became certified in Strider Education.

“We all completed the training and then we got really excited after we took the training of the strider bikes to be able to incorporate that into our kindergarten curriculum,” Deb Thill said.

LB Williams will be teaching the importance of your gear too. 

“There’s different sizes of strider bikes that, you know, we measure the kids to make sure they match. Every kid is also going to be learning how to properly fit themselves with a helmet as well, for safety reasons,” Deb Thill said.

The bikes provide an easy progression on how to ride a bike. The first steps doesn’t even involve pedaling.

“They’re rolling it around, next thing you know they’re coasting down the hall or coasting out on the side walk putting their feet up on these little floor boards, and they come with pedal kits, so the pedal kit can be added later,” Brian Klock said.