It's 'Socktober' At Oscar Howe

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Elementary students at Oscar Howe are celebrating "Socktober" this month. For the first time, the school is collecting brand new socks for those in need. 

Student council members Jessa Dykstra and Maggie Doty are on a mission to warm up the community with socks. 

"Some people don't have socks because they can't afford it. It's something that us people, we don't think much about it and other people really need it," Doty said. 

Counselor Jeff Heavlin says classrooms at Oscar Howe are competing against each other to see who can bring in the most. 

"As one of our student council people put it, just for epic bragging rights," Heavlin said. 

The fundraiser takes place all week long. If you're not part of the school, you can still participate by dropping off socks at the office. 

The socks will go to families in need in the Sioux Falls School District first. The rest will benefit local organizations. 

"Oh absolutely. We have so many people of all ages in our community that through all sorts of circumstances are less fortunate than others. Socks are a great way to help them out," Heavlin said. 

Dykstra agrees and is convincing her parents to join in tonight. 

Matt Holsen: Have either of you brought in socks yet?

Jessa Dykstra: Not yet but I go to Costco every Tuesday. I'm going to get some socks.

With temperatures expected to drop over the next few months, fresh socks will mean a lot to those struggling to buy their own. 

"It makes me feel happy inside because if you're helping out someone, you're going to feel happy and joy. It's going to make them feel happy as well," Doty said. 

The socks are being collected through Friday. Oscar Howe will distribute them next week.

Two other Sioux Falls schools are celebrating "Socktober" both Discovery and John Harris Elementary are donating socks for an upcoming Keep KELOLAND Warm giveaway.  

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