SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Washington Warriors are gearing up for the start of school with Warrior Day.

School may not have started yet, but students are already walking the halls of Washington high school as they start to figure out their schedules.

“I always get excited just to welcome kids back for new opportunities, we have so many different things that are set in place for kids to find their path to success. To be able to see their faces. Summer is great, but it is great to be back and watch everybody get excited about opportunities in school and also help them figure out what they are going to do after high school,” Roberta Bennett said Success Administrator Coordinator of Washington High School.

“This upcoming year we’re getting out of the COVID stage more and more, and so more of the students are getting more acclimated with each other,” Preston Koomia, Washington High School’s assistant principal said.

Washington Senior Abraham Myer and Junior Angela Panick say they are most excited about their after-school activities and as well seeing friends again after the summer break.

“It’s just been like a grind every week there is something going on, so it’s been a busy summer all that work be put together and used in the season,” Abraham Myer, senior at Washington High School, said.

“Everyone is going to find their group; everyone is welcome were all about inclusion and generosity. Like our circles and our pillars were very like a strong family that’s our bond,” Angela Panick, junior at Washington High School, said.

Washington faculty are also excited to see students back.

“We have a building that is full of activities, and we have a lot of students that are involved with many different sports and extracurricular activities. So that is the exciting part of coming back is the activities and the after-school things,” Koomia said.

Washington High School will start the school year on August 25.