SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Falls School District looks to hire around 250 substitute teachers every fall and this year, there are still almost 100 open positions.

Step inside any Sioux Falls school, and you’ll find plenty of kids but you won’t find many substitute teachers.

“There’s just a major shortage, there’s just not a lot of people that can do it full time, but we need more people that can do it as a part time job and fill in because we are really short and teachers are gone a lot of sickness, sick kids and activities so its definitely a shortage and we need to try to get everything covered to help the kids,” Jesse Kroupa, substitute teacher said.

It’s a substitute teacher’s job to keep classrooms running when a teacher is out.

“The classroom events, the school work, everything that the teacher has planned can continue for that day. the learning continues for that day,” Becky Dorman, Senior Director of Human Resources for the Sioux Falls School District said. “When we are short on substitute teachers, it pulls staff from other areas of the building to have to cover that classroom. So, that just makes everybody’s schedule have to change.”

While the work is hard and uncertain at times, it is also fulfilling and rewarding.

“I mean I really like the students,” Sam Heithold, substitute teacher said. “Especially like when I can help them with whatever they are learning., the subjects, I mean going into teaching, its kind of the reason why I went into it, just being able to help and that’s what I really enjoy.”

“As adults, we need to try to help our kids as much as we can and I’m just trying to do my part and hopefully there’s more people that are out there that will be willing to come and help the school district so we can help the kids,” Kroupa said.

The requirements to become a substitute teacher include having a bachelor’s degree or successful work experience, pass the criminal background check, and positive employment and personal references. The district also offers substitute teacher training courses.

You can apply for a position at the Sioux Falls School District’s website.