Harrisburg South Students Taking Charge Of Their Schedules

HARRISBURG, S.D. - Middle schoolers at Harrisburg South are taking charge of their daily schedules.

Seventy-one kids in 6th grade have opted into the school's personalized learning program. Every day they get to choose what course they want to spend more time on and set their own schedules based on where they're at in math, science, social studies and English. Students say it makes them take ownership of their learning and forces them to become better at time management. 

"I think this will definitely help us when we're older get prepared for, like it's name personalized learning, when we're sitting at our office or wherever we're working, we've got to self-task," Tait Hermanson said. 

Personalized learning has been taking place at Harrisburg South for three years. A similar program is now underway at Harrisburg North as well. 

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