HARRISBURG, S.D. (KELO) – The start of the school year is less than a month away for many schools in KELOLAND. That means school officials are preparing to welcome students back to the classroom.

The hallways and classrooms at Harrisburg High School will soon be filled with the sounds of students.

Some of those will even be new students to the district.

“Been growing at a pretty good pace for the last 20 some years, I think it’s over 600% in the last 20 years,” superintendent of Harrisburg School District Tim Graf said.

Right now, the district wants to make sure they have accurate student enrollment numbers ahead of the start of school.

The district has added nearly 300 new students since last year, making it important for families to register for the upcoming school year.

“This year seems to be a lot coming in in the summer so we are getting about six to ten students registering daily right now,” Graf said.

By having an accurate number, it helps the district create schedules for students as well as hire enough staff.

“It can be hard to add teachers as we get to this time of the year because at this point, they’re pretty much taken,” Graf said. “But maybe you need additional supports in the classrooms that we have some higher numbers in and so the more we know about, and know about the issues earlier, the better it is for the school district and kids and families too.”

Graf says right now they have positions filled. Now the countdown begins for the first day of school.

“I think we were able to fill the last, but we are looking for one position yet, we’ve been pretty fortunate,” Graf said. “So it’s trying to make sure everybody is ready for the school year and has their questions answered.”

For new families to register they can either call their school or fill out an application online. In regards to growth in the district, the superintendent says they will be having public meetings the next couple of weeks to address the overcrowding at Liberty Elementary.