Eighth Grade Students Solve For Tomorrow


As a part of Samsung’s Solve For Tomorrow competition, students from all around the nation were asked to develop an idea to help benefit their community.

Three Edison Middle School students couldn’t wait to get started.

What was originally a health class project for eighth-grader Allie Weber a few years ago, has now gained the potential to change kids’ lives.

“We were supposed to design a kind of dieting program and I decided to take it one step further rather than it being a dieting program but kind of be like a fitness app for kids,” Weber said.

“That makes it fun for the child while they are learning new things, healthy things to eat and exercising,” Eighth-grader Sean Baker said.

After being selected by their teacher for Samsung’s Solve For Tomorrow contest, her and two other students have been hard at work fleshing out the app.

“It’s been really fun to be able to work with the others and get their perspective on things and it’s always fun to work with other people because you might get stuck on something but they’ll just come up with a completely new idea for what you’re trying to do,” Weber said.

The app is called “Healthy Homies” and it has come a long way, but they say there’s still work to do.

“So, so far we’ve only got a prototype, so we aren’t exactly sure how the end product is going to look,” Weber said.

“So this is the game section, so there’s several, like, games, and it clicks on it right now because there’s live links. So, say they wanted to do matching, there’s no fully working right now but it kind of shows you how it would go,” Baker said. “So they would just match it and do the game stuff and then you would go back home. So this is the store, you earn credits from doing the game and stuff, and if you eat well and stuff. So here’s shirts, you can choose a shirt, or a hat.”

There’s also a daily log that helps kids track the amount of calories they’ve consumed. They’re looking to put the ‘fun’ in the fundamentals of healthy living.

“It’s like the foundation of how they will grow up and be healthy in the future,” Eighth-grader, Lauren Yu said.

“To make sure South Dakota is getting healthier and at the same time making it fun for kids,” Baker said.

They are currently in the second round of the competition, where they have to submit a video showcasing the project.

To learn more about Solve for Tomorrow, you can click right here.

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