SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A South Dakota Board of Education virtual meeting scheduled for Monday has been postponed. 

The meeting would have included a public hearing to consider adoption and amendment of proposed rules which would have “prohibited the adoption of content standards that promote inherently divisive concepts.” 

The meeting was to happen only seven days after Governor Kristi Noem released a Department of Education report looking for “examples of Critical Race Theory and other divisive concepts in DOE policies, guidance, websites, trainings, content standards or other materials.” 

The report was filed because of Noem’s Executive Order calling for the DOE to identify “if any promote inherently divisive concepts.” 

The meeting is being postponed to review comments that have been submitted. 

The recently released proposed social studies standards were not going to be part of this Board of Education meeting. The first public meeting for those standards is set for 9 a.m. September 19 at the Dakota Event Center in Aberdeen. 

One of the materials deemed “potentially problematic” was in the Introduction to Law and Public Safety II course, which is identified as an “advanced career and technical education course.” The report highlights two passages in the section Level 4: Extended Thinking that ask students to:

  • “Analyze differences in power and privilege related to people of culturally diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and practices.”
  • “Analyze issues of cultural assimilation and cultural preservation among ethnic and racial groups in South Dakota and the United States.”

That class is not currently being offered in the state at this time according to the report. Also noted is that the class is “not frequently” taught at the K-12 level when it is offered.