Early Preparations For A Lush Lawn


If your thumb is a little more grey than green, you probably don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Spring lawn preparations. We decided to talk with a few local experts about the best times to start preparing your lawn to be lush this summer!

Stepping inside the Cliff Avenue Greenhouse on West 41st Street in Sioux Falls is like stepping into summer time. It’s not a very busy time of year for the business, but they are seeing signs of Spring.

“We’ve seen in the store lately are people buying like the seed starting kits. So they’re trying to start their plants inside,” said Hayley Zeigler, Cliff Avenue Greenhouse store manager.

Store manager, Hayley Zeigler, says they don’t really want people coming in too early. Right now, the best thing to do is start planning out your lawn and garden strategy.

You can also start looking at new products, like a Lime spread for reducing dog spots in the grass. Or a plant additive to safely deter pests.

“It will take the product and go up through the root system, and if you have a rabbit problem they should not eat that plant,” said Zeigler.

Now if all of this sounds like way too much work, there are people who will do it for you!

Green 4 Ever in Sioux Falls specializes in lawn control. Once the ground dries up and hardens, owner Derek Haffner suggests getting to work removing winter debris.

“So the best, gentlest option to do that is to take a hand rake and give it a good hand raking to remove that winter debris so the sun can hit the soil, warm things up and cause great Spring green-up,” said Haffner.

Next, decide how you want to treat your lawn. Zeigler and Haffner say you need to pick between grass seed or pre-emergent.

“So you’ve got to decide whether you’re going to deal with the weeds while the grass seed comes up. Or get the weeds and do the grass seed. But as you get later into the season it’s a little bit tougher to do with warmer weather,” said Zeigler.

“Some years the pre-emergent can be down as early as the first weeks in April. Other years it’s more towards that May first time frame. The old, historical thing that everyone went by is, when the lilacs are blooming you better make sure it’s down,” said Haffner.

Laying both at the same time could kill the new grass. These two suggest laying down grass seed in the Spring, then using a weed killer, pre-emergent in the Fall.

No matter how you plan to build your dream lawn, there are plenty of knowledgeable resources.

“You could always put just a small layer of top soil or potting soil on top of it. Just to hold it down until it starts to sprout,” said Zeigler.

“Many of the things we talked about a homeowner can do themselves. Of course if they decide it’s more work than they want to tackle, we’re always here for them,” said Haffner. 

You should also consider the layout of your lawn before buying products. Some are specially designed for either shade or sunny spots. 

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