South Dakotans run a higher risk of dying in a drunk driving accident than those living in other states in the country.  

As KELOLAND News reports the numbers are sobering and something to keep in mind this holiday. 

Whether it’s camping or just traveling to see family, a lot of people are on the roads this Memorial Day weekend; the unofficial start of summer. 

But a recent study conducted by an independent  consumer research website out of New York City looked at data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  It shows a scary statistic for anyone driving in South Dakota. 

“Yeah I would say it was quite alarming in South Dakota there are 5.29 deaths per 100,000 residents and that actually ranks as the 7th deadliest state for DUI deaths,” Joe Resendiz said. 

That’s right, South Dakota ranks in the top 10 of deadly drunk driving accidents. 

“What I found even more shocking than that was that 25% all fatal crashes invovle drivers who were more than twice over the legal limit of .08,” Resendiz said. 

The study was conducted to see how a DUI can affect a person financially with their insurance rates, fines and legal battles, it adds up into the thousands of dollars.

But it costs the state of South Dakota almost $600 million per year. 

“Those costs stem from a drop in workplace productivity, a rise in health care expenses, increased law enforcement expenses, and losses to vehicles that occur during these crashes,” Resendiz said. 

But a deadly crash involving alcohol is by far the most costly.