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More companies across the nation are taking a second look at their drug testing policies. That’s because more applicants are actually failing the tests for one reason or another.

Annie Kruse knows a thing or two about drug testing. She’s the clinic manager at not one, but two, area companies that perform drug tests.

“We are seeing an increase in the number of employers requiring drug tests,” Kruse said.

In addition to more local companies drug testing, surveys across the nation show employers are re-evaluating their policies.

“You need to know how you’re going to handle positive results.  How you are going to handle negative results ahead of time so that you can apply that consistently and fairly throughout your workforce,” Jen Adix, President of the Sioux Empire Society for Human Resource Management, said.

With some states legalizing marijuana, more companies across the U.S. are dropping pot from their drug testing.

“Some states have legalized marijuana. Some states haven’t legalized marijuana, so that in itself can be a very confusing thing for employers,” Adix said.

Even though pot is legal in some states, certain employees still can’t use marijuana on the job.

“If you have an employee who is operating equipment or driving a vehicle, you want to make sure they are safe in the workplace and able to perform the job,” Adix said.

A job requirement that is getting more complicated.

“You need to put some time into your drug testing policy and decisions so that you know what you’re going to do if you run across a positive result.  What are you as an employer prepared to do if your best employee tests positive for drugs,” Adix said.

Area employers are also seeing more people fail drug tests.

In Eye on KELOLAND, hear from a CEO who says 25 percent of the people he was looking to hire this year failed their tests.

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