Rapid City, S.D. (KELO) — In Rapid City parking downtown is becoming an issue. Extended cabs and large trucks have become a hazard to drivers.

The city office is putting out information to those visiting downtown to allow the three lane traffic to flow normally.

Finding a parking spot in Downtown Rapid City is often a challenge. 

When you add in larger vehicles blocking the driving lane, the difficulty increases.

“Generally in the areas where traffic is more congested, those are the areas where those vehicles are very noticeable and causing problems,” Parking Operations Manager Anna Gilligan said.

“With the parking ramp closed, it kind of made it tighter fitting all the way down Main Street and Saint Joe. And also too, larger vehicles are parking on the street, they stick out and you have to drive around them. That interferes with the other lanes.” Local Business Manager Frank Night Pipe said.

Not only do larger vehicles and extended cabs cause an issue for those driving. Those trying to back out next to those vehicles have a difficult time seeing oncoming traffic.

One solution may be to park off the main streets and take a longer walk to your destination downtown.

“If they can’t fit into a parking space on Saint Joseph Street or Main Street, the best alternatives are 6th Street or 7th Street. Those cross streets have a little bit more room.” Gilligan said

The city office hopes locals can spread the message to make driving downtown this summer a breeze.

If your vehicle extends into the road you could get fined $25 and your car could get towed.