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We’re nearing the end of winter but drivers are still not getting the message to keep a distance from snow plows. In Lymon County on Monday, a vehicle ran into the back of a snow plow along I-90. Both drivers are okay, however the plow will be out of service for some time to be repaired. 

Last Friday, a Madison man died after he allegedly tried passing several vehicles and a snow plow on Highway 19 — crashing head on into a pickup in the other lane.

With more snow in the forecast, the plows will not be put away anytime soon. 

KELOLAND News talked with the Minnehaha County Highway Department about the problems they’ve come across and the role you can play in keeping everyone safe on the road.

From the air, and behind the wheel, over the past few days, we’ve given you a unique perspective of what it’s like to drive a plow.  One thing any plow driver will tell you is that- other drivers need to keep their distance.

“Because they’re driving real slow and that road right behind the plow can be extra slippery. So, a few hundred feet at the most- at the least is how close you should probably be,” DJ Buthe said.

And that’s not all… 

In addition to paying attention to you and your car, plow drivers are also focused on getting the snow off of the road. 
Just like you, they have blind spots, and with the snow the plows are kicking up, you might not be able to see the plow either. 

“This truck will actually get lost in that snow cloud and that’s how people end up running in to the back of snow plows cause they don’t even know there’s a truck in there and they just drive straight through it,” Mike Mayer said.

That’s why it’s important to stay at least five car lengths away from the plow

“Cause even the snow that’s flying behind me stays in the air for quite a bit of time sometimes,” Mike Mayer said.

If you crowd a plow you’re not only endangering you and the plow, but everyone else on the road.

“It’s especially important not to try and pass that plow. They can’t really see you because there’s snow and things blowing around all over around the cab, and then, if there’s snow around the cab drivers coming from the other direction can’t see you either,” DJ Buthe said.

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