Donations Needed For Keep KELOLAND Warm


The cold is back in KELOLAND after a short taste of summer Wednesday. 

It’s a good reminder to get out your winter coat before the harsh winter arrives. 

If you have any extras in your house, we know of a project that could use them. 

Keep KELOLAND Warm is a partnership between KELOLAND Media Group, Lewis Drug, and Montgomery’s. 

Connie Sweeter donated a coat that use to belong to her late mother-in-law. 

“I know she would want it to go to someone who would appreciate it as much as she did,” Donator Connie Sweeter said. 

Sweeter isn’t the only one dropping off winter wear. 

“We see at this store just a lot of coats come in all the time through the whole program,” Lewis Drug Store Manager Randy Seney said. 

Lewis Drug store manger Randy Seney isn’t sure just how many coats have come into his store so far, but a big box has already been filled up. 

“This is very encouraging to see this many coats this early in the season,” Seney said. 

He estimates the wooden pallet will be unloaded 25-30 times this year. 

Donations are being accepted now through November 22. 

That leaves past donator Marylin Honermann plenty of time. 

Kelli Volk: Are you getting a pile ready for this year?
Honermann: Yes, I can easily access a pile.

She says she’ll drop off about six this year, which will help meet the demand that still exists. 

“There’s always people moving into the area. They may not be prepared for the cold weather that we have here in KELOLAND so these coats provide that. Maybe they can’t afford it if it’s a choice between a coat or food,” Paul Farmer with KELOLAND Media Group said. 

Donations can be dropped off at all Sioux Falls Lewis stores, except the one downtown.

For a list of when the coats will be handed out, click here. 

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