Dog Owners Want More Green Space Downtown


The summer weather brings dog owners downtown to walk their furry friends. However, some say there aren’t enough places to let their dogs run or use the bathroom.

“I feel like we should have more green space, especially for our animals,” Maly Philthilath said.

Maly Philthiath and her dog live in Sioux Falls. She says that with the city’s growth, green spaces seem to shrink.

“Yeah, we’re kind of running out of it, especially since the town is getting bigger,” Philthilath said.

Michelle Wellman, another Sioux Falls dog owner, says she doesn’t have any issues.

“I find that as long as you’re willing to walk, and it’s not even a matter of walking a few blocks, there’s plenty of green space downtown,” Wellman said.

Johnny Dubon is visiting Sioux Falls from Dallas, Texas. He says he was surprised to see how dog-friendly the city is.

“It’s nice going to places where you’re welcome with your pet, especially a dog this size,” Dubon said.

However, he says more areas where dogs could play would be nice.

“It would be great to have more green spaces where you can have your pet and spend more time with your dogs and whatever pet you bring to the downtown area,” Dubon said.

“If there was a space for a dog park, that would be really nice to let the dogs interact each other, let them off leash. That would be really fun but that doesn’t exist right now,” Wellman said.

One thing the pet owners appreciate is the pet waste stations that have been added downtown.  The locations are equipped with waste bags and garbage cans.

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