KELOLAND viewers donated nearly 78-hundred pounds of dog and cat food during our pet food drive today. That’s a record amount! The donations come at a particularly good time, because there’s a flood of pets coming soon from Texas. 

“This is Sadai-Pup,” said John Oskar.

John Oskar knows the value of a shelter dog. 

“She likes to go with me so we have our little truck bed back here and she loves to go around town,” said Oskar.

Oskar’s 10-year-old “Sadai-Pup” came from the Sioux Falls Humane Society and that’s why he brought a bag of food down to the station today.

“We like to take the opportunity to donate whenever it presents itself, especially one that’s going to be so much publicized and get a lot of the community involved in it,” said Oskar.
Officials with the Sioux Falls Humane Society say every pound of food is needed.

“We had a couple of weeks ago where we took in about 192 animals in eight days,” said Sioux Falls Area Humane society director Kori Baade.

But despite being nearly full, the Sioux Falls shelter just accepted this dog with a southern drawl.  Lucas hails from Texas. 

“We’re going to be helping some of the shelters down south to take some of their animals so that they can make room for for some of the displaced from Houston. It’s a big situation down there, there’s a lot of animals. it’s a very sad situation, even as a shelter in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we can help a little bit,” said Baade.

The Humane Society is getting five more dogs from Texas on Monday. Pets you can help by adoption or donation.

“With all of the animals that are coming in and some of the disasters down south that we’re helping them a little bit too with their animals, I just can’t say enough how much this is so important to the shelter,” said Baade.

“A bag of food here, $10 down to Houston,” said Oskar.

It all adds up.