It’s the prime time for boating, trips to the pool, and playing outside all day. Just don’t forget your sunscreen. With the sunny weather, it’s almost guaranteed most families will be spending a lot of time outdoors. 

Jen Van’Hul and her four daughters hasn’t let the nice weather go to waste the past few days.

“We come to Wall Lake because it’s close to where we live and it’s a really beautiful beach and the kids have a great time and burn off some of that energy,” Van’Hul said

While they focus on burning off their energy, Van’Hul says she’s focused on the sun not burning their skin.

 “We start with lotion because that seems to stay on and then we do the spray every hour. I even have a timer set so I am ready to do the next application,” Van’Hul said

Sanford Dermatologist Marcus Frohm says for sunscreen on an average day the recommendation is SPF 30. If you plan to be outdoors for longer to play a game of golf or for a day on the beach, grab a bottle with SPF 45 or greater. 

“The biggest thing about sunscreen is reapplication. They break down, we sweat them off, we get into the water. So typically applying every two to two and a half hours is recommended,” Frohm said.

Frohm says protecting your skin will help you avoid wrinkles, sun spots and keep you looking younger longer, but it can also save your life.

“10,000 people are going to die from melanoma this year,” Frohm said. “When you start tanning before the age of 35, you have a 60 percent chance of getting melanoma in your life.”

He says if you are using a cream sunscreen you should be using about a full one and a half ounce shot glass each time.

“Typically, you say a teaspoon for your head and neck, two teaspoons for your trunk and back, teaspoon per arm, two teaspoons per leg. That’s more than most people will do, you rub a little on your hands and face and you’re done,” Frohm said.

Frohm says even if you are mostly an office worker and won’t spend much time in the sun during the week you should still be applying a sunscreen with 15 SPF. He says there are a lot of lotions and cosmetics that you can purchase with the sunscreen already in the product.