Developer Says Sioux Falls Growth Helps To Market City


South Dakota’s largest city is growing, and it is happening fast.  In about 26 years, nearly 250,000 people are expected to live within the city limits of Sioux Falls.  

Sioux Falls City leaders currently estimate the population at about 173,300 people.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau that is up from ten years ago, when the population sat at just more than 148,200 people.  Ten years before that, the city was at more than 113,600 people.   A developer says all this growth makes Sioux Falls a better competitor for some big city amenities.  

Joy Zwart has noticed some major new businesses since she has moved back to Sioux Falls. 

“It’s always changing,” Zwart said. 

Ten years away for Zwart was long enough.  She lived in Colorado and Rapid City, and she is excited to see her home city growing. 

“They’ve been rejuvenated.  So many areas expanded with the opportunities Sioux Falls has for entertainment quality of living.  It’s very good,” Zwart said. 

“The growth is astounding in Sioux Falls,” Steve Van Buskirk with Van Buskirk Companies said. 

There is more on the way, and that includes the soon-to-be open project at Lake Lorraine.  The Van Buskirk Companies project will boast senior living, shopping and restaurants.  The focal point is a small lake.  Van Buskirk says this type of quality of life project is key to bringing more people to the city. 

“People don’t just want to be in a building and drive their car to go to that building and go home.  They want to part of that community,” Van Buskirk said.

Van Buskirk says it is getting easier all the time to market Sioux Falls to outside businesses. 

“The larger we grow and the better we do and the stronger our economy does; it all helps.  Success breeds success and we’re a successful community,” Van Buskirk said. 

Zwart is excited to see all of these additions for herself and future generations.  However, she says even with all the changes, one thing remains the same. 

“Sioux Falls still feels like home,” Zwart said. 

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