RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — The South Dakota Department of Public Safety is displaying art in Rapid City focused on distracted driving. A ‘Deadly Distractions’ display was developed to encourage South Dakotans to put down their cell phones while they drive.

In 2021, 250 drivers were killed or injured in distracted driving related crashes. Artist Nichole Cross created the exhibit to represent each of those incidents.

“This is really captured on that educational piece, letting people know the importance of distracted driving and hopefully we never get to the enforcement piece,” Superintendent Colonel Rick Miller said.

While cell phone related accidents have declined over the past five years, DPS wants to remind everyone that driving is a full time job, and that you need to drive smart and drive safe.

“We don’t want to be distracted while we’re driving certainly by our cell phones but really by anything that’s in our car so it’s really important that we pay attention to that task at hand because its so important,” Cabinet Secretary Craig Price said.

“I think it starts at a young age too, when parents are stressing the importance of not being distracted while driving. Whether It’s the phone or other things in the car,” Miller said.

The DPS hopes this artwork reminds everyone that crashes can happen anytime you take your eyes off the road.

“Whatever message they walk away with, as long as it’s safety related and thinking to themselves I can be better, then we win!” Price said.

The exhibit is used as a reminder and to inform locals on the dangers of distracted driving. It will be located in Rapid City for the next few months before relocating around South Dakota.