The Olympic sport of curling has been around for years, but it’s just catching on in Sioux Falls.  

Friday, the Sioux Falls Curling Club spent the day teaching others about the sport, while helping a good cause along the way.  

Learning how to curl is a slippery slope.  

“When you watch it on TV you think, ‘Oh I can do that.  Everybody can do that, right?'” Robin Meyer said. 

Well, yes and no. It’s harder than it looks. 

“Sweeping is actually exhausting if you’re doing it correctly so when you’re sweeping, you’re bent over your broom and it’s really a whole body action,” Grueneich said. 

Action that takes a lot of practice.  

“I think curling is like golf: anyone can do it, but it’s hard to be good,” Sioux Falls Curling instructor Brea Grueneich said. 

But today it’s not about being good, it’s about raising money for ‘Emily’s Hope’, a non-profit started by KELOLAND’s Angela Kennecke, whose daughter died of an accidental drug overdose.  

“Well, I’m always open to something that’s fun and I thought Emily’s Hope would be a great excuse to get out and spend some time with friends and it’s for a good cause; really what could go wrong,” Meyer said. 

Several KELOLAND employees are also showing their support by being here.   

The object of curling is to score the most points by shooting a rock toward the center of this target.  

The closer you get to the what’s called the button, the better chance you have at scoring the most points and ultimately winning.  And who knows, maybe, just maybe you’ll find out when it comes to curling, you’re a rock star. 

“Yeah so we’ll see what happens.  After today, I might be at the Olympics you never know,” Meyer said. 

Watch the video below for another look at Friday’s event.