CUSTER COUNTY, S.D. (KELO) — The Crazy Horse Memorial is celebrating its 75th anniversary this weekend. Saturday June 3rd marks the day of the first blast.

Since 2020, Crazy Horse Memorial has seen a rise in visitors each year.

“To see it in real life, I’ve watched documentaries you know on the discovery channel, and the labor and the years it’s taken. Seeing this here is why we’ve got a wonderful country, and highlights like this make it very special.” Nevada Tourist Dave Nevin said.

Staff at the Crazy Horse Memorial make sure the story of the mountain and carving gets out to people all over the world.

“Obviously the mountain is what attracts people here, and rightfully so. It is the largest mountain carving in progress in the world. And so when people get here they get to experience our museum, we also have a university. So the mountain, museum and university are the ways we remote the mission of Crazy Horse, so people get a better understanding of Native American culture.” Crazy Horse CEO Whitney Rencountre said.

Celebrating seventy-five years since the first blast, the Crazy Horse Memorial will be hosting events all the way from Friday through Sunday.

Saturday also marks the 37th annual Volksmarch, an event that thousands of people attend each year.

“We just happen to have the Volksmarch that is taking place. One of the largest events of the year for the Volkssports Association held here at Crazy Horse Memorial.” CEO Rencountre said.

This year’s keynote speaker will be Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills to kick off the public celebration Sunday June fourth.

If you would like to donate to the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation, you can visit here.