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It’s one thing to know what healthy food to eat, but it’s another thing when it comes to actually preparing the food.  

Especially when you may not have even heard of the food before. 

There’s no denying that at times, the drive-thru sounds much more appealing than coming home to prepare a meal. 

But thanks to this cooking class, some are choosing healthier options instead. 

“They show us how to eat healthy. You know, make better choices of the food that we eat,” Roy Christion said. 

Sioux Steel is offering their employees a monthly opportunity to attend a cooking class put on by Well365.

The class offers employees a 30 minute time period to learn how to cook a healthy meal or snack, and even getting to taste it at the end. 

“Today we’re cooking banana ice cream and with it being summer time we just want to give the guys a healthy alternative to some of the favorite summertime treats,” Trisha Dohn said. 

This is Christion’s third time attending one of the cooking classes. He says the hands-on approach has been successful. 

By actually being able to taste what they’re making, employees are more likely to go home and make it themselves. 

Christion cooks supper for his family every night and says even his teenagers enjoy the healthy options. 

“We try to make better choices for our children, you know show them a better way to be healthy,” Christion said. 

“Not only are they enjoying it here but they’re actually taking it home and preparing it with their families or for themselves, ” Dohn said. 

For more information on the services Well365 offers to businesses, click here. 

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