Congressman Dusty Johnson tours the border


As President Trump continues to push for a border wall with Mexico, an Arizona company says it can build a better wall faster and cheaper. 

Several members of Congress, including South Dakota’s Congressman Dusty Johnson, are down near the U.S.-Mexico border to watch a demonstration of the construction, but that’s not all. 

Johnson is not only getting an up-close look at how the border wall could be built, he’s also been talking with border patrol officers about the crisis and what can Congress do to help. 

Before Johnson flew to Arizona on Monday, he posted this video on Twitter. 

“We have a real crisis there. We have humanitarian and national security issues that need to be dealt with.  What we’re doing now isn’t working anywhere near as well as we want,” Johnson said. 

While in Arizona, he tweeted out another piece of video demonstrating how easy it is for undocumented immigrants to cross the border.

“This is Mexico right over there. You can come through the Colorado River, which I expected to be a lot more… but it’s clearly just a little creek this time of year.  They would come up this sandy embankment, walk up this way and before long they can be right inside Yuma.  It gives you a sense of how easy it is to cross the border at least at this spot,” Johnson said. 

Congressman Johnson took this photo; watching border patrol apprehend two men.

Here’s another.  42 undocumented immigrants were apprehended at this spot, half were children. 

That’s why he’s interested in watching the company demonstrate how it plans to build several miles of border wall. 

“This goes five feet into the ground you can see behind me here, they’ve dug a trench, it looks like they just got done pouring the cement to hold that mesh fencing into place, you can see with the steel slat fencing, that visibility very important to law enforcement agents we’re talking to, also important to the agents is this road, that allows for a much quicker response time if they were traveling over open ground, they also have construction of lights, they also have cameras so technology plays a key role, technology along with the physical construction, along with trained law enforcement personnel you see how affective this could be in controlling the border,” Johnson said. 

Johnson will be returning to South Dakota Thursday, we hope to catch up with him to hear more about his trip and ideas of controlling the border. 

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