17-year-old Trenton Bass was injured in Friday night’s high school football game in Mountain Lake, Minnesota. 

Pray for Trenton is a Facebook page with more than 4,000 likes. 

In the eastern KELOLAND town of Hills, Minnesota where just a little more than 600 people live…that support means everything to the coaching staff and players.

When life gives you more than you can lift, that’s when you need a teammate. 

“It’s the ultimate team game. It’s a game of emotions. It’s definitely bringing out the emotions of the people now,” Hills Beaver Creek Head Football Coach Rex Metzger said. 

Hills Beaver Creek senior Trenton Bass has 29 football teammates. 

“Football practice will probably be pretty empty without him,” Furstenberg said

And more than 4,000 people on his prayer team. 

“You hear about the kids that get paralyzed, but you never really think about it as much until it happens to a teammate and a friend,” Hills Beaver Creek football player Preston Massen said. 

Bass has serious injuries after a tackle during Friday night’s game. 

“It’s tough on the coaching staff, it’s tough on the kids. Just to have the support from everybody has been big,” Metzger said. 

Football communities from miles around will now wear his number 28. 

“Other schools even are putting stickers on their helmets with his number on them,” Furstenberg said. 

People from all over are praying for Trenton. The list keeps growing. 

“It’s pretty crazy. Especially for a small community. We don’t even know some of the people that came to the prayer service last night,” football player Dean Furstenberg said. 

For this team, knowing the whole football community is supporting them, makes this difficult time just a little easier. 

“When you see that stuff, you know people are caring for him. That he’s not alone,” Massen said. 

His teammates say if they could tell Trenton one thing…

“I’d just tell him that there’s a lot of people caring for him. That his team, and his family, and everyone…is pushing for him,” Massen said. 

You can help the family out by donating to their YouCaring account.