Comforting Pets During The 4th Of July


It’s a time of year when many people enjoy lighting off fireworks. But if you have pets, they may not be fans of the loud noises.

Some dogs really don’t mind the loud booms and pops of fireworks, but those same noises may cause others so much anxiety only medication can calm them down. 
Failure to comfort them and you may find yourself with even bigger problems.

“We have seen dogs that have broken teeth because they were put in a create because they were so anxious and the thunder or the fireworks will create such an anxiety that they will try anything to escape,” Veterinary Specialist Jo Spoo said.

It’s cases like this has Veterinary Specialist Jo Spoo prescribing anti-anxiety medicine to take off the 4th of July edge. However, some dog owners don’t like the idea of giving man’s best friend any type of drugs.  

“I wouldn’t want to put a mixture of meds in her if she doesn’t need them.  But she goes in the house and she is ok,” Dog Owner David Jorgenson said.

Even though David Jorgensen’s dog, Zarah doesn’t like loud noises Spoo says not every anxiety needs a prescription.

“Its about finding out where we are at on the spectrum to see if we can do some behavior things to fix this problem or do we need medications to help us get to the effect of the dog not being anxious,” Spoo said.

For other owners when a dog gets anxious they try to cuddle them but that might not be the right response either. Dog owner Hannah Smith says her parents dog, Macy, always tries to get their attention when she gets scared.

“There were some neighbors doing fireworks so she wanted to sit up on our laps and she was shaking a lot and whining a lot so we ended up just putting her inside,” Dog owner Hannah smith Said.

Spoo says removing a dog from an anxious situation is the right thing to do.

“Are you furthering the anxiety by making it a big deal or are you trying to deal with the anxiety of the dog by redirecting their attention,” Spoo said.

Other alternatives to medicine that Spoo suggests is trying a thunder shirt. Its a tight fitting shirt for your dog that simulates being cuddled and works to bring down anxiety levels.

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