City Officials Warn that Rapid Creek is Still Not Safe


Rapid City officials are warning that as the water goes down in Rapid Creek, dangers remain from the muddy banks, eroded banks, and fast-moving water.  

“We’re still kind of keeping that cautionary tale present because obviously there’s the potential for some slippage into the creek and some wet spots there along the creek banks,” Rapid City spokesperson Darrell Shoemaker said.

This warning is especially important for children who might be swept away by the fast-moving water. 

“And it’s not a place for little kids to playing unsupervised,” Shoemaker said. 

Some places where the bike path crosses the creek are still inundated such as the crossing at Canyon Lake Drive and the 8th Street crossing.

Shoemaker warns bicyclists that just a few inches of water flowing over a trail or a bike path could cause a bicycle or a runner to lose their balance.   

“But to be very cautious along the creek because those wet hazards still…those slip hazards still are present,” Shoemaker said. 

City crews are now in the process of clearing gravel from the streets left behind by Saturday night’s rushing water.

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