City Of SF Preparing For Possibility Of Flooding


Andy Berg, environmental stormwater manager with the City of Sioux Falls, says flooding might happen this spring.

“There’s certainly a possibility of seeing some river flooding,” Berg said. “The conditions are right for that up in the watershed for the Big Sioux River. There’s a lot of snow on the ground.”

The city has already taken steps.

“All of our pumps and sandbagging equipment already has been reviewed and fine-tuned so that it’s ready to go, and at this point now we kind of wait and watch to see what the weather patterns are,” Berg said.

Like so many of us, they’ll watch the weather.

“If the weather patterns look really rough, we take additional steps, we may start filling some sandbags, but we’re not at that point quite yet,” Berg said.

He gives a couple of examples- one better than the other.

“If we get warm days and cold nights, where it melts a little and then re-freezes, that’s great,” Berg said. “But if we get 50-degree days and 35-degree nights, and it’s melting non-stop, and then we throw some rain on it, then we could see a higher level of flooding.”

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