You’re probably familiar with Habitat for Humanity, but what about the “Care-A-Vanners” program?  Volunteers are in Sioux Falls as we speak.  

Randy and Pam Warner have been on the road for eight years. They live out of a motorhome, and while they see the country, they’re also helping make sure other people have homes of their own.

“We have an opportunity to see friends and family, see the United States, see National Parks, see a lot of the country, but we decided we have to do something more than that,” Randy Warner said.

They found that something with Habitat For Humanity. They’re part of the organization’s “Care-A-Vanners” program, volunteering roughly a couple of months cumulatively out of the year on three or four projects. Right now, the Warners are in Sioux Falls with three other couples building a house.

“We have friends who live here in Sioux Falls, and we’ve always wanted to come to Sioux Falls to build, and so this is really neat,” Pam Warner said.

Eighteen-year-old Bikila Dida of Sioux Falls is helping them build this home, along with his mom. The family of five will eventually move in.

“Personally, it makes me good,” Dida said. “I can say I have a house right now, instead of saying, ‘Come to my apartment,’ to my friends.  You say, ‘Come to my house.’ It’s a big deal for me.” 

The Warners enjoy working alongside and getting to know the people who will eventually live here.

“Here in a few months, they can move in to this place, and they’ve come from a lot of different circumstances than what we’re used to,” Randy Warner said. “It’s very rewarding.” 

The construction doesn’t just benefit Dida and his family.

“I would like to say it’s an altruistic kind of a thing, but it… we also just enjoy one another,” Randy Warner said.

“We just really enjoy building, and we enjoy giving back,” Pam Warner said.

Randy Warner has been blogging the couple’s experiences on the road.