Capturing Confidence Through Photos


For photographers, they spend their time capturing their subjects within a frame. But one photographer is looking to bring something out of her subjects.

Last July, Maddie Peschong left her job and set out on her career as a full time photographer.
A leap that wasn’t easy, but gave her the utmost confidence in her work, but most importantly, herself.
Now she’s looking to help others find theirs.

Monday morning, one coffee shop became The Source for finding confidence. Maddie was taking free headshots for anyone who walked through the door.

“Doing something like this, I get to interact with people and, kind of, see the city of Sioux Falls again and, you know, use the gift of photography to help benefit people in a way bigger way,” Peschong said.

Folks could also make a donation that would benefit EmBe’s Dress for Success clothing drive.

“So, much like what we do here at Dress for Success, first impressions are very important, and one of those components is a fresh headshot. And, so, Maddie offering this to folks in the community not only raises awareness for us but also gives women an opportunity to make the best first impression,” Executive Director of Women’s Programs at EmBe Erin Bosh said.

“I love that everything is benefiting dress for success because that’s ultimately their mission is to help people help women get back into the workforce,” Peschong said.

But you didn’t need to donate in order to get one. The value for this drive comes from empowering others.

“It’s so rewarding for me to do something like this where we’re able to work with so many different members of the community. We’ve had people come in today that don’t necessarily need a new headshot but they want to donate to a great cause,” Peschong said.

“One of our values is making sure that women in Sioux Falls feel supported and so by Maddie doing this to empower other women is really important, and paying it forward is very important to Sioux Falls. We have a lot of non-profits and a lot of individuals that need support and this is just one really great way to give back,” Bosh said

By giving them a chance to see themselves in a different light, the future seems all the more bright.

“I hope that it allows people who maybe can’t typically afford a full headshot session to be able to get a really good photo of themselves that makes them feel confident and empowered to go out there and maybe get that new job that they want, or even just to update their LinkedIn page. Having a really good photo of yourself is so important and it can really change a lot of things,” Peschong said.

The event ran from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and raised over $1,600, which came from a total of 70 people that walked in.

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