SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department has identified six game-production areas it’s willing to put on the market.

Staff member Paul Coughlin outlined the plan Friday to the state Game, Fish and Parks Commission.

The commission had asked the state wildlife division and the state parks and recreation division to look at their properties and see whether each parcel still met the intended purposes.

“That’s the genesis of this initial effort here,” commissioner Doug Sharp of Watertown said. “This effort will be ongoing.”

Sharp explained that the sales could generate cash that the department could use to buy other land.

Coughlin said the initial list had about 25 pieces and those were shaved to six that total about 255 acres.

He said two top criteria were opportunities to improve wildlife habitat and whether the public has access for hunting or fishing. Other considerations mentioned were size, whether other public land is adjacent, and surrounding habitat.

GFP staff are spreading the word in the local areas and to the general public, according to Coughlin. Unless something unusual surfaces, Coughlin said the six would be up for formal action at the commission’s July 8-9 meeting in Watertown.

They are:

West Lake Poinsett GPA
Acres: 40 acres
Location: 4 miles southeast of Lake Norden in Hamlin County
Appraised Value: $100,000.00

South Buffalo Lake East GPA
Acres: 60 acres
Location: 7.5 miles east of Eden in Marshall County
Appraised Value: $48,000.00

Mondry Portion of Pickerel Lake GPA
Acres: 9 acres
Location: 6 miles east of Grenville in Day County
Appraised Value: $112,500.00

Mallard Slough GPA
Acres: +/- 80 acres
Location: 14 miles northeast of Huron in Beadle County
Appraised Value: $56,000.00

North Sanborn GPA
Acres: +/- 51
Location: 9 miles northeast of Woonsocket in Sanborn County
Appraised Value: $137,000.00

Schartner Ditch GPA
Acres: +/- 15
Location: 7 miles northwest of Marion in Turner County
Appraised Value: $30,000.00

The South Buffalo property can be reached only by water, hunting isn’t allowed on the Pickerel Lake property because it is near private cabins, and Mallard Slough can be reached only on a section line that goes through the water, according to Coughlin. He said North Sanborn is two strips along SD 37 at the edge of Beadle and Sanborn counties and Schartner Ditch is a thin strip in an old water project.