PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — Five more projects to rehabilitate roads and bridges in South Dakota have been awarded by the South Dakota Transportation Commission.

The low bids varied widely. Two were below estimates. The three that were above estimates included two that were considerably high.

The state Department of Transportation recommended approval of all five during the teleconference meeting Thursday.

Two structures in Lincoln County will be replaced. One crosses Beaver Creek 3.5 miles west of Tea. The other crosses a tributary to Ash Creek two miles northeast of Beresford. Nolz Dragline and Construction Company of Sioux Falls submitted the low bid of $1,290,519.06. That was 12.5% below the $1,474,070.50 estimate.

In Beadle County, a structure southwest of Virgil will be replaced. Lehtola Builders of Lake Norden submitted the low bid of $1,203,228.20. That was 12.4% below the $1,373,608.60 estimate.

In Edmunds County, 14.9 miles of US12 between Bowdle and Roscoe will be resurfaced. Anderson Western of Bismarck, North Dakota, submitted the low bid of $5,386,859.21. That was 4.9% above the $5,135,939.65 estimate.

In Dewey and Ziebach counties, a total 37.3 miles will be resurfaced on two highways. The segments are US212 from Dupree through Eagle Butte and SD63 from the US212 junction to north of Moreau River. Anderson Western submitted the low bid of $16,281,392.32. That was 20.4% above the $13,521,807.10 estimate.

DOT’s Sam Weisgram noted that the project attracted “five very competitive bids.” The highest was $17,864,797.28.

Commissioner Mike Vehle of Mitchell asked whether the location was part of the reason that every bid was more than the estimate.

“I would say that does contribute to some of this difference we’re seeing. It is remote,” Weisgram said, noting that aggregate would need to be hauled some distance.

In Davison County, nearly 2.4 miles of SD37 through Mitchell will receive a variety of work, between Minnesota Street and 250th Street, including the addition of a shared use path, a 115-feet vehicle bridge and a 162-feet pedestrian bridge. The city of Mitchell wants more than one mile of sanitary sewer and water lines replaced at the same time between North Main Street and 250th Street.

Michels Road and Stone of Brownsville, Wisconsin, submitted the lowest of four combination bids at $32,336,141.40, which was 18.2% above the combined $27,362,964.08 estimate.

Weisgram said the company’s bid of $28,686,097.39 for the surface work was 14.2% above DOT’s estimate, while the company’s bid of $3,650,044.01 for the underground work was 63.1% above the city’s estimate.

Commissioner Chris Frick of Yankton wanted to be sure that the project could be paid for. Congress hasn’t yet approved the full amount of federal aid for the coming year. State Transportation Secretary Joel Jundt said the department didn’t have “any concern” about the federal government providing the reimbursement.

Commissioner Ron Rosenboom of Sturgis asked whether the city of Mitchell had approved the overage for its part of the project. Weisgram said department staff had spoken with representatives of the city and its consultant on Wednesday.

Weisgram explained that city approval wasn’t required. “They have given their informal concurrence if you will they want to move forward with the contract as bid,” he said.