PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — A Hand County woman who left employment at a medical-coding company to work for a former client of that company didn’t violate terms of her earlier contract, according to the South Dakota Supreme Court.

The justices publicly released a unanimous opinion Thursday in favor of Rema Kolda from St. Lawrence. Kolda and DT-Trak Consulting Inc. had sued one another. Circuit Judge Kent Shelton decided against ruling for either side and said the matter should go to a jury. Their intermediate appeals put the dispute before the Supreme Court.

Justice Janine Kern found for the state’s high court that Kolda in her new job working remotely for San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation, a medical provider in Arizona operating a hospital and a clinic, wasn’t employed by a competing company as DT-Trak had defined them “because San Carlos does not provide medical coding services for other healthcare providers in the same way that DT-Trak does.”

Justice Kern wrote that Kolda should have received summary judgement on that count. The justice also found no evidence that Kolda had engaged in misuse of a trade secret or any “confidential information” and therefore should have received summary judgement for those counts as well.

The case was returned to the circuit level for further action.