PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — “Under God, the People Rule” won’t be added to South Dakota license plates.

State senators rejected the proposal Monday.

SB-133 failed on a 12-23 vote.

The Senate Transportation Committee had endorsed it 5-1 last week.

A 1941 state law already requires a replica of the Mount Rushmore presidential sculptures on the plates.

Republican Sen. Brent Hoffman sponsored the motto legislation.

“It summarizes the dominion of almighty God, just as in our daily Pledge of Allegiance, and also acknowledges the populist power of our constitutional republic,” Hoffman said during the debate.

But opponents suggested that adding the motto in place of the tourism slogan “Great Faces Great Places” might reduce visitor spending.

Republican Sen. John Wiik said one dollar spent by the Legislature on tourism promotion results in five dollars of state sales tax.

“It’s a noble idea,” Wiik said about Hoffman’s proposal. “It’s wonderful we have a great slogan and we live under it. I just don’t believe it belongs on our license plates.”

Said Hoffman in rebuttal, “Our state motto is already in state statute law and enshrined in our constitution. Be proud of it. Embrace it.”