PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — 20 South Dakota senators decided Tuesday they don’t want to let judges add a $95 fee for felons whose crimes require examinations of digital devices such as cell phones and computers.

SB-54, sponsored by Republican Sen. Helene Duhamel, needed a two-thirds majority of 24 votes to pass because it would create a fee. It received 15. The opposition was a combination of 16 Republicans and the four Democrats, including six of the chamber’s nine appropriators.

“We are looking for a funding source borne on the back of offenders,” Duhamel said, adding that the $95 wouldn’t come close to covering full cost of an examination but would give law enforcement a funding source. “This is really almost all crimes these days,” she said.

First to speak against it was Republican Sen. David Wheeler. The lawyer said the fee was the wrong way to fund law enforcement and pointed out that the fee could be charged for nearly every felony crime, including ingestion and possession of marijuana or other illegal drugs.

“It incentivizes policing for profit,” Wheeler said. “I don’t believe that’s right.”

Duhamel said judges would have the option of whether to charge the fee. She estimated $250,000 could be raised annually for the Internet Crimes Against Children task force that does many of the examinations.

Republican Senator Julie Frye-Mueller said that some local law enforcement doesn’t participate in the task force. “There’s counties here that would appreciate the funding as well,” Frye-Mueller said.

Duhamel said all law enforcement agencies that participate in the task force would indirectly benefit. “Almost every crime now days has a nexus with the phone,” Duhamel said