PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — The South Dakota Legislature’s panel working on sustainable models for funding and improving long-term care for older people and for those with disabilities has wrapped up work for the year.

The committee on Wednesday sent forth a dozen proposals on Wednesday for consideration in the 2024 legislative session while setting aside 10.

The 14 lawmakers met five times over five months. “This has been a long summer but I appreciate everybody’s efforts,” said their chair, Republican Sen. Jean Hunhoff. She leads the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Republican Rep. Hugh Bartels explained one of the proposals: Offering financial incentives for mergers of nursing homes within 60 miles of one another. He described it as “a carrot.”

Bartels, who as House speaker currently chairs the Legislature’s Executive Board that appoints study committees, suggested that a future panel could look at requiring nursing homes to merge under certain circumstances and at reimbursements for assisted living centers.

The group recommended:

Creation of a healthcare workforce coalition. (Proposal 3)

Joining compacts for advanced-practice registered nurses, social workers, counselors and psychologists. (Proposal 6)

Granting an elderly waiver in long-term care for adult daycare in other licensed healthcare facilities. (Proposal 8)

Study and support a state program of all-inclusive care for the elderly program. (Proposal 10)

Funding technology grants. (Proposal 11)

Increasing the amount permitted for the personal needs allowance. (Proposal 15)

Amend and expand in-home services and establish new reimbursement rates. (Proposal 16)

Provide greater reimbursement for remote patient monitoring services. (Proposal 17)

Establish new eligibility for community support provider services for traumatic brain injury patients over age 22. (Proposal 19)

Update Dakota At Home processes. (Proposal 20)

Increase use and improve access for palliative care services. (Proposal 21)

Change eligibilities for designation as a regional nursing facility and applicable reimbursement. (Proposal 22)

All 22 proposals including their estimated costs can be seen here.