PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — An attorney representing the CO2 pipeline that Summit Carbon Solutions proposes through South Dakota still wants a permit hearing on the project this spring.

Last month, the state Public Utilities Commission set the hearing to start September 11. But Brett Koenecke of Pierre continues to press for April 24 so the project can be permitted by June 15.

The commission will hear his argument Thursday. The landowners’ attorneys counter that he’s already had his chance.

The commission’s staff agrees with them.

“While Staff has put a considerable amount of time into this docket and into conducting
discovery, it would be reckless for us to subpoena witnesses and call them to the stand to testify
to an application they have not had adequate time to vet,” staff attorney Kristen Edwards wrote in a staff response.

“In order to accommodate an April 24 hearing, Staff would have less than a month to conduct additional discovery and file written testimony. Staff would be asking its witness to put their name to something they may not have had adequate time to consider,” she continued.

Edwards also said Koenecke mischaracterized an earlier position. She further noted that if the commission decides to reopen the scheduling argument, the commission should reconsider the landowners’ motion to dismiss the application, too.

She declined to say which side the staff would take on the dismissal request.