PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — Weeks of frustration between Republican factions in the South Dakota Legislature boiled over Wednesday in a fierce fight over $200 million of housing funds.

The state House of Representatives needed two attempts and a major amendment to get the two-thirds majority needed to get SB 53 through.

The 47-21 vote came after $150 million of state general funds were removed, leaving $50 million of federal authority for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development to use for grants.

But SB 65 died after two tries, falling one aye short, 46-22, when Representative Trish Ladner, R-Hot Springs, changed from a yes to a no, because she disagreed with how it was changed.

The SB 65 amendment called for $150 million of general funds for the South Dakota Housing Development Authority to make loans for housing infrastructure.

The Senate had voted 35-0 for its version of SB 65 and 33-3 for its version of SB 53.

The House adjourned Wednesday night with the future of SB 65 unresolved.

The House Committee on Appropriations had set both bills on its scrap pile. The chairman, Representative Chris Karr, R-Sioux Falls, wondered Wednesday whether the Legislature was starting with “a false premise.”

Representative Roger Chase, R-Huron, chaired the Legislature’s workforce housing study last year. He had to force the appropriators to release the bills and get them on the House calendar for debate.

“We need to get this passed,” Chase said.