PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — Edible cannabis products will remain legal in South Dakota for medical cardholders.

The state House of Representatives soundly rejected legislation Thursday that would have prohibited them. HB 1058 also would have banned cannabis concentrates and cannabis extracts.

The vote was 47 against and 21 for.

Representative Fred Deutsch, R-Florence, said his intent was to protect kids, especially those under age 10. “We want to help children. That’s what this bill is about,” he said.

But Representative Ryan Cwach, D-Yankton, said state government has “very broad and comprehensive” rules aimed specifically at people younger than 21.

“The Department of Health is already looking out for children when they passed this,” Cwach said.

He is one of six lawmakers who serve on the Legislature’s Rules Review Committee. So is Representative Kevin Jensen, R-Canton, who warned that rules can be changed, depending on who’s on the review panel.

“We don’t really have the perogative to vote against a rule because we don’t like it,” Jensen said. “I want it codified, not in rule.”

Representative Oren Lesmeister, D-Parade, told about a grandson who receives THC gummies for a disease. “What you’re wanting to take away today is a medication people need,” Lesmeister told Deutsch. “You would send a good mother to jail because she is trying to medicate her son.”

Deutsch said one in three cannabis poisonings nationally are kids age 10 and under. “We all know rules are subject to change. We all know rules are not laws,” he said. “What I am bringing forward is not in the rules.”