PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — A proposal to require that South Dakota’s governor, chief justice and executive agencies get individual legislators to introduce their bills and joint resolutions was set aside at its sponsor’s request Monday.

“It was something I was determining whether to do,” Republican Rep. Tony Randolph told the House State Affairs Committee.

The panel granted his wish and voted 13-0 to table HB-1081.

Randolph is vice-chair of the South Dakota Freedom Caucus, which had issued a news release Friday calling for lawmakers to stop allowing committee-sponsored legislation.

“Therefore, we as the South Dakota Freedom Caucus hereby resolve to object to the reading or introduction of any legislation that has not been publicly sponsored by a duly-elected Representative or Senator of the people, and we encourage every member of the South Dakota Legislature to join us in demanding a full restoration of the Legislature’s Constitutional authority as is granted,” an accompanying statement said in part.

At Randolph’s request, the committee also tabled another bill he sponsored, HB-1082, that sought to create an ongoing legislative committee to review all federal acts and determine if they diminished or infringed upon South Dakota’s sovereignty as a state.

“In essence South Dakota owns one-fiftieth of the authority that the federal government has,” Randolph told the committee.