PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — In the coming days, the South Dakota Senate will debate whether non-residents should pay $50 for a decal that would allow them to operate their off-road vehicles on the state’s public roadways.

The Senate Transportation Committee gave its support 6-0 to the plan Friday.

The South Dakota Department of Revenue wants revenue from the fee to flow into state government’s motor-vehicle fund. If the decal is purchased from a county treasurer, however, half of the fee would go into that county’s general fund.

Republican Sen. Randy Deibert discussed a possible amendment on Friday that would make the fee $75, with the county receiving $50.

Told that the department’s technology system might break down, Deibert said, “I struggle with having an IT issue stop that revenue stream.” He added, “I’d like to have an open discussion about a solution before I make a motion for this amendment.”

Rosa Yeager, director for the department’s motor-vehicle division, said state government purchased the department’s registration system from another state in 2008. She said it has built-in features that cause issues. The department is seeking $25 million to modernize the system.

After hearing that, Deibert called for the bill to move forward in its original form. “I want to work with the departments,” he said.

The legislation will be on the Senate debate calendar for Monday. If senators approve it, the proposal would then head to the House of Representatives for further action.