PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — Her campaigning throughout the nation for the re-election of President Donald Trump hasn’t hurt Governor Kristi Noem at home in South Dakota.

The Republican governor’s latest campaign-finance report Tuesday showed $852,549.87 of revenue, with a large chunk coming from people and organizations in South Dakota.

She meanwhile reported operational spending of $286,383.82, including $124,484.44 in unspecified consulting expenses and $51,677.34 for travel. State law doesn’t require detailed expenditures.

Noem showed no contributions to other candidates or committees.

The report was for the period of May through October 14. Her next election, if she runs for a second term as governor, would be in 2022. The then-Congresswoman in 2017 transferred money from her U.S. House of Representatives campaign account to make her 2018 run for governor.

Noem’s latest report showed large amounts by South Dakota gubernatorial standards:

$111,722.18 from people who gave $100 or less (who aren’t individually listed);

$591,615.04 from people whose giving totaled more than $100 this year. They are individually listed;

$19,900 from entities, such as businesses which can legally donate to candidates in South Dakota;

$21,500 from South Dakota political action committees;

$104,100 from out-of-state PACs;

$3,500 from other candidates’ committees; and

$212.65 in interest.

Her campaign also received $3,111.92 of other goods and services from Scott Abdallah of Sioux Falls for a fundraising event.

Noem’s committee started the period with a balance of $244,582.26.

The largest single contribution this period was $100,000 from the Republican Governors Association Right Direction PAC.

Nearly all of her four-figure contributions came from people with South Dakota addresses.

Her campaign received $1,000 contributions from the election committees of former Governor Dennis Daugaard and former Lieutenant Governor Matt Michels and the legislative campaign of Steve Westra, her commissioner of economic development.

The Democrat she narrowly defeated in 2018, Billie Sutton, showed much less campaign activity in his latest report. His account received $2,797.58 and showed operational expenses of $762.97 and a $1,000 contribution to the state Senate campaign of Democrat Suzie Jones Pranger.