There weren’t residency challenges after all Tuesday to two newly elected Democratic lawmakers from Pine Ridge.

Neither Sen. Phil Jensen, R-Rapid City, nor Rep. Julie Frye-Mueller, R-Rapid City, spoke up as their chambers officially organized on the first day of the 2019 session of the South Dakota Legislature.

Jensen and Frye-Mueller had filed paperwork during the weekend, questioning whether Sen. Red Dawn Foster and Rep. Peri Pourier had lived the past two years in their legislative district as the South Dakota Constitution requires.

“Leadership pretty much said we’re done,” Jensen said after adjournment. He added, “That’s not to say there won’t be a motion down the road.”

Jensen acknowledged the topic was discussed during the Senate Republicans’ caucus meeting Tuesday.

Frye-Mueller said she didn’t bring up the issue in the House because Governor Kristi Noem would be delivering her first State of the State speech to a joint gathering of senators and representatives.

“Her message was more important at this time and I did not want to distract from that message,” Frye-Mueller said.

Frye-Mueller doesn’t want the issue to die. 

“A committee should be formed to investigate,” she said.