PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — The South Dakota Board of Finance held a public hearing Tuesday on increasing the reimbursement rates for state government employees who drive their vehicles on official government business.

No one sent a written comment, and no one came to the Capitol to testify in person.

Normally state boards and commissions hold formal votes on accepting proposed rules after holding the hearings. In this instance, however, the board member’s designees didn’t.

Instead, the plan is to submit the changes, with board members’ signatures attached, to the Legislature’s Rules Review Committee for consideration, according to Jason Lutz. He is deputy secretary of state.

Under the latest version of the proposal:

The standard amount per mile would rise from 42 cents to 51 cents if a state-owned vehicle wasn’t available.

The amount per mile would increase from 23 cents to 28 cents if a state-owned vehicle was available.

The third leg covers the amount per mile for people with special needs.

In those instances, if no state-owned vehicle is equipped or modified for a person with special needs, and the person desires to drive a personal vehicle on state business, the rate per mile would go from 56 cents to 68 cents for a passenger or cargo van, pickup or SUV. For any other vehicle, the rate would change from 42 cents per mile to 51 cents per mile.

The combined changes would cost state government an estimated $331,646 annually, according to a fiscal statement from the state Bureau of Finance and Management.