PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — South Dakota Lottery revenue continued to grow during the first two months of state government’s fiscal year, but at a slower pace.

That’s what the commissioners who oversee the lottery’s operations heard Thursday from director Norm Lingle and his deputy, Clark Hepper.

They said lottery sales have gone flat in many other states.

The state sales and use tax is the largest source of general revenue for state government, followed by the South Dakota Lottery most years. The lottery licenses private businesses to offer three types of gambling: video lottery, instant scratch-off tickets and jackpot lotto drawings.

Together those products generated nearly $163.2 million for state government in fiscal 2021 that ended June 30 last year.

The total climbed to $175.7 million for FY2022 that ended June 30 of this year, based on unaudited numbers that Lingle presented Thursday.

But based on actual sales from July and August, the current estimate for FY2023 is just shy of $180 million.

Hepper said lotto sales this year will produce about what they did last year, while sales of instant tickets were up slightly — “We are seeing positive numbers. Other lotteries are not seeing that.” — so far.

Video lottery play was up about 2.6% from a year ago. “Seeing some positive growth there,” Hepper said.

Here’s a closer look at the revenue numbers:

Video lottery (state’s 49.5% share) — FY20 $116.5 million; FY21 $148.8 million; FY22 (unaudited) $161.1 million; FY23 (estimate) $165.2 million.

Instant tickets — FY20 $5.0 million; FY 21 $5.88 million; FY22 (unaudited) $10.3 million; FY23 (estimate) $6.1 million.

Lotto — FY20 $6.9 million; FY21 $8 million; FY22 (unaudited) $7.6 million; FY23 (estimate) $8.6 million.