With the new year, also comes a new Attorney General for South Dakota.

Marty Jackley is clearing out his office to make way for the next attorney general, Jason Ravnsborg.

It’s been a whirlwind year for Jackley between a governor’s race, death penalty hearings and, of course, the Wayfair vs. South Dakota case.

Jackley says it was while he was on the campaign trail he realized just how important this new law would be.

“As I traveled South Dakota either as attorney general or for governor, I saw it in the eyes on main street businesses that they were struggling and it was my opportunity to do the best job I could to be their voice in our highest court,” Jackely said.  

South Dakota eventually won the case in the Supreme Court, allowing the state to starting taking in taxes from online purchases.

Jackley said this decision by the supreme court was significant for South Dakota because it said this state’s law is the law of the land.