PIERRE, S.D, (KELO) — Republicans once again start in a commanding lead in the biennial battle for the South Dakota Legislature.

Republican candidates are on the ballot for all but one of the 105 openings this election year. Democrats on the other hand didn’t field any candidates for 26 of the 35 Senate seats and left empty 32 of the 70 for the House of Representatives.

Legislators are elected to two-year terms. Republicans currently hold 32 Senate seats and 62 House seats. Last fall the Legislature drew new election districts for the next 10 years, starting with the 2022 contests.

Party primary elections are Tuesday, June 7. The top finisher in each Senate primary and the top two finishers in nearly all of the House primaries (districts 26 and 28 are split into single-seat sub-districts) advance to the general election on Tuesday, November 8.

Primary-election voting begins on April 22. The deadline to register to vote in the primary is May 23.

The filing deadline for party candidates was 5 p.m. local time Tuesday, March 29. State law requires that the South Dakota Secretary of State office must accept petitions sent by registered mail that were postmarked prior to that time.

Candidates running as independents — meaning their name appears on the general-election ballot without party affiliation — can still file petitions through April 26. A person can be a party member and still run as an independent.

No one has filed yet as an independent candidate for the Legislature.

There also aren’t any Libertarian legislative candidates. Seven Libertarians and four independents ran for legislative seats in the 2020 elections.

Here is the unofficial list of Republican and Democrat legislative candidates seeking election, as of Saturday night, April 2, 2022.

Senate District 1 – Democrat: Susan Wismer, Britton***. Republican: Joe Donnell, Sisseton; Michael Rohl*, Aberdeen. 

Senate District 2 – Democrat: None. Republican: Steve Kolbeck, Brandon; Spencer Wrightsman, Brandon. 

Senate District 3 – Democrat: None. Republican: Al Novstrup*, Aberdeen; Rachel Dix, Aberdeen. 

Senate District 4 –Democrat: None. Republican: John Wiik*, Big Stone City.

Senate District 5 – Democrat: None. Republican: Colin Paulsen, Watertown; Lee Schoenbeck*, Watertown. 

Senate District 6 –Democrat: None. Republican: Herman Otten*, Lennox.

Senate District 7 – Democrat: None. Republican: Julie Erickson, Brookings; Tim Reed**, Brookings. 

Senate District 8 – Democrat: None. Republican: Casey Crabtree*, Madison; Heather DeVries, Madison. 

Senate District 9 – Democrat: None. Republican: Brent Hoffman, Sioux Falls; Mark Willadsen**, Sioux Falls. 

Senate District 10 — Democrat: Liz Larson, Sioux Falls. Republican: Maggie Sutton*, Sioux Falls.

Senate District 11 — Democrat: Sheryl Johnson, Sioux Falls. Republican: Jim Stalzer*, Sioux Falls.

Senate District 12 — Democrat: Jessica Meyers, Sioux Falls. Republican: Arch Beal**, Sioux Falls.

Senate District 13 — Democrat: None. Republican: Jack Kolbeck*, Sioux Falls.

Senate District 14 — Democrat: Matthew Tysdal, Sioux Falls. Republican: Larry Zikmund*, Sioux Falls.

Senate District 15 — Democrat: Reynold Nesiba*, Sioux Falls. Republican: Alan Spencer, Sioux Falls; Brenda Lawrence, Sioux Falls.

Senate District 16 – Democrat: Donn Larson, Hudson. Republican: Jim Bolin*, Canton; Nancy Rasmussen***, Hurley. 

Senate District 17 — Democrat: None. Republican: Sydney Davis**, Burbank.

Senate District 18 — Democrat: Frederick Bender, Yankton. Republican: Jean Hunhoff*, Yankton.

Senate District 19 — Democrat: Daniel Brandt, Avon. Republican: Kyle Schoenfish*, Scotland.

Senate District 20 — Democrat: None. Republican: Joshua Klumb*, Mitchell.

Senate District 21 — Democrat: Dan Andersson, Burke. Republican: Erin Tobin*, Winner.

Senate District 22 — Democrat: None. Republican: David Wheeler*, Huron.

Senate District 23 – Democrat: None. Republican: Bryan Breitling*, Miller; Spencer Gosch**, Glenham. 

Senate District 24 – Democrat: None. Republican: Mary Duvall*, Pierre; Jim Mehlhaff, Pierre. 

Senate District 25 – Democrat: None. Republican: Marsha Symens*, Dell Rapids (withdrawn March 28); Lisa Rave, Baltic; Kevin Crisp***, Dell Rapids; Leslie Heineman***, Flandreau; Tom Pischke**, Dell Rapids. 

Senate District 26 — Democrat: Shawn Bordeaux**, Mission. Republican: Joel Koskan, Wood.

Senate District 27 — Democrat: Red Dawn Foster*, Pine Ridge. Republican: David Jones, Martin.

Senate District 28 — Democrat: None. Republican: Ryan Maher*, Isabel.

Senate District 29 – Democrat: None. Republican: Beka Zerbst, Sturgis; Dean Wink**, Howes; John Carley, Piedmont. 

Senate District 30 – Democrat: None. Republican: Julie Frye-Mueller*, Rapid City; Tim Goodwin**, Rapid City. 

Senate District 31 – Democrat: None. Republican: Randy Deibert, Spearfish; Ron Moeller, Lead.

Senate District 32 — Democrat: Nicole Heenan, Rapid City. Republican: Helene Duhamel*, Rapid City.

Senate District 33 – Democrat: None. Republican: Janet Jensen, Rapid City; David Johnson*, Rapid City. 

Senate District 34 — Democrat: None. Republican: Michael Diedrich*, Rapid City.

Senate District 35 — Democrat: None. Republican: Jessica Castleberry*, Rapid City.

House District 1 — Democrat: Jennifer Healy Keintz*, Eden; Steven McCleerey***, Sisseton. Republican: Logan Manhart, Bath; Tamara St. John*, Sisseton.

House District 2 –Democrat: Gary Leighton, Sioux Falls. Republican: David Kull, Brandon; Jake Schoenbeck, Sioux Falls; Jeffrey Shawd, Valley Springs; John Sjaarda, Valley Springs. 

House District 3 – Democrat: Emily Meier, Aberdeen. Republican: Brandei Schaefbauer, Aberdeen; Carl Perry*, Aberdeen; Kaleb Weis*, Aberdeen; Richard Rylance, Aberdeen. 

House District 4 – Democrat: Travis Paulson, Wallace. Republican: Adam Grimm, Wallace; Fred Deutsch*, Florence; Stephanie Sauder, Bryant; Val Rausch***, Big Stone City.

House District 5 — Democrat: Kahden Mooney, Watertown. Republican: Byron Callies, Watertown; Hugh Bartels*, Watertown.

House District 6 — Democrat: None. Republican: Aaron Aylward*, Harrisburg; Ernie Otten*, Tea.

House District 7 – Democrat: Lisa Johnson, Brookings; Mary Perpich, Brookings. Republican: Doug Post***, Volga; Matt Doyle, Brookings; Melissa Heermann, Brookings; Roger DeGroot, Brookings. 

House District 8 – Democrat: None. Republican: John Mills*, Volga; Lecia Summerer, Wentworth; Marli Wiese*, Madison (withdrawn March 29); Tim Reisch, Howard. 

House District 9 — Democrat: Nick Winkler, Sioux Falls. Republican: Bethany Soye*, Sioux Falls; Jesse Fonkert, Hartford; Kenneth Teunissen, Sioux Falls. 

House District 10 — Democrat: Erin Healy*, Sioux Falls; Kameron Nelson, Sioux Falls. Republican: John Mogen, Sioux Falls; Tom Sutton, Sioux Falls.

House District 11 – Democrat: Kimberly Parke, Sioux Falls; Margaret Kuipers, Sioux Falls; Stephanie Lynn Marty, Sioux Falls. Republican: Brian Mulder, Sioux Falls; Chris Karr*, Sioux Falls; Roger Russell, Sioux Falls; Tyler Bonynge, Sioux Falls. 

House District 12 – Democrat: Erin Royer, Sioux Falls; Kristin Hayward, Sioux Falls. Republican: Amber Arlint, Sioux Falls; Cole Heisey, Sioux Falls; Gary Schuster, Sioux Falls; Greg Jamison*, Sioux Falls; Kerry Loudenslager, Sioux Falls. 

House District 13 – Democrat: None. Republican: Penny BayBridge, Sioux Falls; Richard Thomason*, Sioux Falls; Sue Peterson*, Sioux Falls; Tony Venhuizen, Sioux Falls. 

House District 14 – Democrat: Mike Huber, Sioux Falls; Wendy Mamer, Sioux Falls; Republican: Gina Schiferl, Sioux Falls; Taylor Rehfeldt*, Sioux Falls; Tyler Tordsen, Sioux Falls. 

House District 15 — Democrat: Kadyn Wittman, Sioux Falls; Linda Duba*, Sioux Falls; Patrick (Pat) Olson, Sioux Falls. Republican: Joni Tschetter, Sioux Falls; Matt Rosburg, Sioux Falls.

House District 16 – Democrat: Matt Ness, Canton; Republican: Karla Lems, Canton; Kevin Jensen*, Canton; Richard Vasgaard*, Centerville.

House District 17 — Democrat: Paige Schroeder, Vermillion; Rebecca “Bekki” Engquist-Schroeder, Vermillion. Republican: Chris Kassin, Vermillion; William “Bill” Shorma***, Dakota Dunes.

House District 18 — Democrat: Jay Williams, Yankton; Ryan Cwach*, Yankton. Republican: Julie Auch, Yankton; Mike Stevens*, Yankton. 

House District 19 – Democrat: None: Republican: Caleb Finck*, Tripp; Drew Peterson, Salem; Jessica Bahmuller, Alexandria; Michael Boyle, Parkston; Roger Hofer, Bridgewater. 

House District 20 – Democrat: None. Republican: Ben Krohmer, Mitchell; Jeff Bathke, Mitchell; Lance Koth*, Mitchell.

House District 21 — Democrat: None. Republican: Marty Overweg*, Corsica; Rocky Blare*, Ideal.

House District 22 — Democrat: Shane Milne, Huron. Republican: Lynn Schneider*, Huron; Roger Chase*, Huron.

House District 23 – Democrat: None. Republican: Brandon Black, Aberdeen; Gregory Brooks, Aberdeen; James Wangsness***, Miller; Scott Moore, Ipswich. 

House District 24 – Democrat: None. Republican: Jim Sheehan, Pierre; Mary Weinheimer, Pierre; Mike Weisgram*, Fort Pierre; Will Mortenson*, Pierre. 

House District 25 — Democrat: Dan Ahlers***, Dell Rapids; David Kills A Hundred, Flandreau. Republican: Jon Hansen*, Dell Rapids; Randy Gross*, Elkton; Tom Pischke, Dell Rapids* (Withdrawn March 28).

House District 26A (one seat) — Democrat: Alexandra Frederick Winner (Successful challenge — decertified); Eric Emery, Rosebud; Republican: Joyce Glynn, Belvidere; Marshal Tinant, rural Crookston, Neb.

House District 26B (one seat) — Democrat: None. Republican: Rebecca Reimer*, Oacoma.

House District 27 — Democrat: Peri Pourier*, Wanblee. Republican: Liz May*, Kyle; Bud May, Kyle.

House District 28A (one seat) — Democrat: Oren Lesmeister*, Parade. Republican: None.

House District 28B (one seat) – Democrat: None. Republican: Neal Pinnow, Lemmon; Thomas Brunner***, Nisland. 

House District 29 – Democrat: None. Republican: Gary Cammack**, Union Center; Kathy Rice, Black Hawk; Kirk Chaffee*, Whitewood. 

House District 30 – Democrat: Bret Swanson, Hermosa. Republican: Dennis Krull, Hill City; Gerold Herrick, Custer; Lisa Gennaro, Keystone; Patrick Baumann, Custer; Trish Ladner*, Hot Springs. 

House District 31 — Democrat: None. Republican: Mary Fitzgerald*, St. Onge; Mistie Caldwell, Spearfish; Scott Odenbach*, Spearfish.

House District 32 – Democrat: Christine Stephenson, Rapid City; Jonathon Old Horse, Rapid City. Republican: Becky Drury*, Rapid City; Jamie Giedd, Rapid City; Steve Duffy, Rapid City. 

House District 33 – Democrat: Vince Vidal, Rapid City. Republican: Curt Massie, Rapid City; Dean Aurand, Rapid City; Janette McIntyre, Rapid City; Phil Jensen*, Rapid City. 

House District 34 — Democrat: Darla Drew, Rapid City; Jay Shultz, Rapid City. Republican: Jess Olson*, Rapid City; Mike Derby*, Rapid City.

House District 35 – Democrat: David Hubbard, Rapid City. Republican: Elizabeth Regalado, Rapid City; Tina Mulally*, Rapid City; Tony Randolph*, Rapid City. 

There appear to be no primaries in district 6, 10, 17, 18, 21, 22, 27, 28 or 34. Unofficially ,Republicans have legislative primaries for:

16 Senate seats, in districts 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 15, 16, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31 and 33; and

44 House seats, in districts 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 19, 20, 23, 24, 26A, 28B, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 and 35.

Democrats meanwhile have one House primary in district 11.