New information on the hacking investigation involving Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate, Jolene Loetscher.

Late Wednesday afternoon the Attorney General’s Office sent out a news release about the investigation, saying preliminary reports found no evidence of a bank account or website being compromised. We spoke to both candidates Wednesday afternoon about the update.

Earlier this week, Jolene Loetscher came forward with claims her social media, bank accounts and website had been hacked by an unknown source. Now, the Attorney General’s office is saying initial reports show no proof of that.

“Of course we were relieved that one of the bank accounts appear to show no hacking. But we know that that investigation will go on and we’re so thankful for the work of law enforcement to try and figure this out,” said Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate, Jolene Loetscher. 

“Unfortunately some times in political campaigns things turn, and I just wanted to stay above it, I’m going to continue to stay above it, get back to talking about issues, I think that’s what the voters want to hear about in the last five days here,” said Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate, Paul TenHaken.

The Attorney General’s statement does say investigators on this case are waiting on records from other social media entities. 

Authorities interviewed Paul TenHaken over the weekend about the alleged hacking, after Loetscher brought forward a voicemail from TenHaken saying he had “tools in his toolbox” he could use against her.

“When we saw sustained attempts to get into our campaign, information on social media and bank accounts. And when my family was clearly part of that target, we knew we had to do the responsible thing and go to law enforcement,” said Loetscher. 

“I really think this is probably the last I hope we’re going to hear of this, to be honest with you. The investigation into social media accounts and hacking of those will take longer than May 1, I’m assuming. So hopefully this his the last we hear about this. Truth is out there and now we can move on and talk about the campaign,” said TenHaken.