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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– Most people graduate from high school, and then build a career. 18-year-old Cade Thompson is doing the opposite. Next month, the Roosevelt High School senior will grab his diploma. However, he already has his foot in the door in the music industry. 

Borrowing a few lyrics from his new song “Grateful” Cade only needs a few words to sum up where he’s at in life. 

Brady Mallory: “Can you sing a line from this new song?”

“Now I’m so grateful, all that you’ve done. You’ve been so faithful, like the rising sun,” Cade sang. 

The sun is about to set on Cade’s high school career, but he hopes his new song, available on iTunes, lights up the music scene. 

“This new stuff, I’m super stoked about. Just figuring out who I am as an artist,” Cade said. 

Cade has taken the last few years to find himself as a contemporary Christian musician. Though you can easily find him in choir class at Roosevelt High School.

“I like this song,” Cade said, referring to a piece the class was working on. 

A few years ago, he took a little time off to pursue a recording career. Thanks to online classes, he was able to keep up with his studies and go on tour and work with a Nashville record producer when he was 16. 

“Just fell in love with it and had no idea, like what was going to happen with it, other than this is what I want to do,” Cade said. 

Cade has been a regular performer at LifeLight and released his first song “Faithful And True” in 2015. When he graduates, he says he plans to move to Nashville so he can focus on his music. 

“Step by step, I think it’s cool to see how things are starting to come in line and it’s just the right timing,” Cade said. 

“It’s the wish you wish for all of your students,” Robyn Starks Holcomb, choir teacher, said. 

Starks Holcomb has guided Cade’s voice for the last four years.

“Cade is a worker. He’s got a natural God-given talent, but it’s a process,” Starks Holcomb said. 

She says it’s typical to see students succeed after high school, and says it’s exciting to see Cade find success while he’s still in her class. 

“For him to be able to experience it with his peers and feel the support of his community, live as it happens and not later in the next step of life is a beautiful process,” Starks Holcomb said. 

“The process, that’s something I’ve learned there’s a lot of work nobody will ever see that goes into something like this, but it’s totally worth it,” Cade said. 

As he builds his career and sets his sights on more touring and an album, Cade says faith remains his foundation. 

“If I didn’t have that hope of Jesus inside me, I’d be a different person. There wouldn’t be joy in my life. I wouldn’t be content,” Cade said. 

What comes next? Cade says he wants to tour more and has his sights set on releasing an album. 

“I’m just trying to inspire others. There is hope. There’s a new day and it’s coming and that’s available for all of us,” Cade said. 

“I think everybody’s going to know his name, and it’s going to be for all the right reasons,” Holcomb said. 

Right now, though, he’s going to enjoy what’s left of his high school career and time with his friends. 

“It’s been a great journey,” Cade said. 

As much as he’s looking forward to the destination, Cade Thompson is grateful for what it’s taking to get there. 

“You start by giving me the promise you’ll never leave. So grateful, grateful Lord. I’m grateful for you,” Cade sang. 

Brady Mallory: “Did you warm up for that?!”
Cade: “No, I didn’t.”

You can learn more about Cade Thompson and his music on his website

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